Social Experiment - Twitch Plays Pokemon

psychpost | 2/18/2014 05:00:00 PM
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What happens when you get several thousand of players all trying to control one game of Pokemon? You end up with a constant struggle between players who are aiming to progress in the game and players who are trying to halt progress. This struggle represents itself by creating very unorganized movements, leaving the playable character often stuck in one location, and poor choices while in battle. Several hours of progress can be lost due to the resulting randomness of choices.

The overall feelings of helplessness, frustration, grief, and occasional happiness are not without consequences. These emotions have given rise to a whole new pantheon of gods and religions.A system of good and evil has been created, each with their own martyrs, prophets, saviors, gods, and myths.

There have been questions whether a system of anarchy or democracy is best for choosing inputs. One thing is clear; when frustration rises, the want for organized democratic input rises as well. As I am writing this (6d 0h 23m) the stream has recently lost to a boss and it seems democracy will begin again.

So far this has been a very insightful view in human interactions and will probably produce more interesting results in the upcoming days.

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