Electronic Cigarettes are a much better option compared to traditional cigarettes for those who require nicotine daily.

Why are Electronic Cigarettes a Better Option?
Electronic Cigarettes are a better option because they deliver nicotine via vapor, there is no combustion of plant material. Since there is no combustion of plant material, the temperature of the vapor is far lower than a traditional cigarette. Electronic Cigarettes are a Tar-Free way of getting your nicotine and also do not produce a noticeable lingering odor.

V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs was the first brand I used when I converted from traditional cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes. I purchased a starter kit and a flavor sampler pack to get an idea of their different flavors. Soon the order arrived and was very easy to get the battery charged. I was sampling the different flavors soon after the package had arrived. Their flavors are very good and I soon realized that I will not be missing the taste of traditional cigarettes. They have a wide variety of tobacco-like flavors, minty flavors, and sweet flavors. I have been tobacco free for 8 months now and do not regret my decision of switching over to Electronic Cigarettes. The flavors I personally recommend from V2 Cigs are: Congress, Sahara, Menthol, Coffee (All time favorite), Vanilla, and Cherry.

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Smokeless Image (Volt) Review

Smokeless Image is the second brand I used and is just as easy to use as the V2 Cigs brand. A good friend of mine recommended this brand to me so I gave it a shot. I ordered a starter kit and the sampler packs to get a feel for their flavor offerings. Soon after the package arrived the battery was easily charged and I began sampling the flavors. I was impressed by the variety and quality of their flavors.  Among my personal favorites are: Cappuccino, Chocolate, Grape, Desert Joe, RY4 (Caramel Tobacco Flavor), and Ice Menthol.
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I have been off of traditional cigarettes for about 8 months now and I notice a huge difference in my health. My lungs feel a lot better and I do not experience shortness of breath while doing physical activities like exercising. I am now using low strength nicotine (the flavors come in different nicotine strengths) and I am planning to soon switch to nicotine-free. I recommend that you try either of these two brands, your lungs will thank you for it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these man, these sound great. I've never tried electronic cigarettes personally but I do know that when I smoked the main thing that put me off was the disgusting smell so switching seems like a great idea, thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks for the coupon codes!

  3. These things are getting super popular.

  4. Superb recommendation! This is the first time I've heard of smokeless image but I guess it's worth a try. lol. Vape on!

  5. Reasons for switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to eCigarettes run the gamut; some smokers want to quit and are looking for a way to wean off nicotine. e-shisha

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