Bath Salts (Designer Drug) and Zombies?

psychpost | 7/28/2012 12:37:00 PM
"Bath Salts" Packaged to look like healthcare products.
Bath Salts are the name of a family of designer drugs containing amphetamine-like compounds. They are packaged to resemble bath and healthcare products. Bath Salts are often sold in online shops and head shops.

History: Like other designer drugs, Bath Salts are slightly modified versions (analogues) of already known drugs. Bath salts typically contain modified versions of Cathinone, which is the active ingredient found in Khat and has effects similar to cocaine and amphetamine.

Substituted Cathinone, Similar structure to Amphetamine.
Effects: The effects are similar to cocaine and amphetamines, refer to my previous post for details Cocaine and Amphetamines, Psychomotor Stimulants. The behavioral effects and physiological effects are similar. Bath Salts also have similar health risks and potential for addiction.

Zombie-ism: Recently in the news there have been several reports about Bath Salt consumption leading to fits of zombie-like behavior. Violent outbursts involving cannibal behavior (eating another's face) have been attributed to Bath Salt use.

13 responses to "Bath Salts (Designer Drug) and Zombies?"

  1. This drug is so crazy to me. I've heard a whole lot about it and it's definitely interesting. I don't think I'd like to try them out right now, it seems like I've gone off stuff like that.

  2. Anonymous | July 29, 2012 at 6:21 PM says:

    Actually the suspect was found to only have marijuana in his system

  3. Its scary how such little alteration in the compound can cause such different effects on the user

  4. Anonymous | July 30, 2012 at 5:44 PM says:

    bath salts are one hell of a drug

  5. I loved his reaction in the bath. click
    Bath salts Drug

  6. If the apocalyptic era continues. . grab a shotgun and you best be ready to go.

  7. my mom and dad was on it my dad held a gun to my head im onloy 10 wow im glad im gone

  8. Hey Anonymous from July 29th 2012, don't you realize that 1)marijuana is known to stay in your system for weeks at a time (especially if you are a heavy smoker) and 2) this drug is essentially based off of methamphetamines and cocaine, which don't stay in your system for more than a week, and 3) You are a goddamn fucking piece of shit asshole bastard bitch with a huge dick in your ass. 4) You probably should get a fucking job. You are the equivalent of being a homeless jack-off who only lost his job because he didn't go to work for 3 months. OMG! GOD! I am so pissed off at you for this! Just wait 'til MOM hears about this! JESUS ;0

  9. To: anonymous dec 7 2012 10;23 pm
    Stephaine? is that you?

  10. Anonymous | June 19, 2013 at 2:56 PM says:

    Dear Jesus, Where are you...nothing to say about my post. Well good, because like I said, no one wants to read your Mommy minutia.
    Anonymous II CT.

  11. Poopy G McGregors, can't ya'll see it's the end of the cock sucking world? Fools are straight eating each others faces, yo. Eating some crazy ass bath salt dope. You see what the Prohibition does? The black market? FUCK IT THIS IS FUCKING RETARDED. Legalize the fucking heroin and coke, and the pills and speed already, let people just have decent access to clean fucking dope, so no one has to go out and score some mother fucking BATH SALTS. Don't you SEE? GOD DAMMIT END THE WAR ON DRUGS. Get your fucking laws off of my heroin supply, you cock sucking pieces of fucking shit. Lick testes, yo.

  12. TESTES, yo.

  13. where can I get some bath salts?? looks likes a good trip!

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