Theory of Mind

psychpost | 6/17/2012 01:11:00 PM
False Belief Task used to test for Theory of Mind. source
Theory of Mind is the ability to attribute mental states (beliefs, intent, knowledge, etc) to oneself and others. Theory of Mind also includes being able to understand that other individuals have beliefs, intent, knowledge, etc. that differ from our own.

Having a Theory of Mind allows us to understand and predict other individuals' emotions and actions. Having a Theory of Mind allows us to attribute mental states to others' behaviors. Without a Theory of Mind, normal social interactions would be very difficult. It would be very difficult to feel empathy or sympathy for others without a theory of Mind.

A complete theory of Mind is normally developed in all individuals, a lack of Theory of Mind often is a sign of cognitive or developmental impairment. Children are said to "have" a Theory of Mind when they are able to succeed on tests like the False-Belief Task (Sally-Anne Task) and the Appearance-Reality Task (Smarties Task). Other psychologists argue that young infants have a Theory of Mind and it is exhibited when they demonstrate joint-attention. 

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