Nature and Nurture

psychpost | 5/14/2012 12:24:00 PM

Correlation of traits in twins, sibling, and adopted siblings.
In the study of Developmental Psychology the question: "How do Nature and Nurture interact to cause Development?" is asked about every single finding, idea, and concept you can imagine.

For those not familiar with these ideas here are the basics:
-Nature refers to our  biological/genetic inheritance. More specifically if refers to our genes and all the traits and features associated with our genome.
-Nurture refers to the physical and social environment that influence our development.

An error when thinking about nature and nurture is to ask if either nature of nurture is responsible for a certain aspect of development. This is an error because every characteristic that we have is created through an interaction of our genetics and our environment. In the graph above we can see that some traits are highly correlated with genetics (twins). In the same graph we can also see that certain traits hive high correlation even among adoptive siblings who do not share genetics but share a similar environment.

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  1. These are some seriously interesting finding buddies, I tend to think that good nurturing can fix even the worst of nature but that's not always true.

  2. Very interesting! I think my brother is more like my mom and I'm more like my dad personality wise

  3. I always found nature and nuture two different things, I guess it just confuses some people.

  4. I personally believe that almost all of our traits can be linked to our genetic makeup, rather than how we are raised, as long as we are given the ability to develop into humanity (unlike those with problems stopping this, i.e. Mowgli syndrome).

  5. Anonymous | May 22, 2012 at 5:47 PM says:

    i like this one

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