Using Meditation to Improve Attention

psychpost | 3/04/2012 02:11:00 PM
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Recently in one of my Psychology lectures at the university I learned several techniques that can be used to improve an individual's attention. I found the use of Meditation to improve attention to be the most interesting of them.

Focused Attention (FA) Meditation
Focused Attention Meditation is done by focusing one's attention on a certain subject/object (visual, auditory, concepts, etc) and not allowing oneself to be distracted. If your mind begins to wander and focus on other subjects try to shift your attention back onto the chosen subject. This type of meditation helps to improve attentional problems that arise from over-activation of attention control areas in the brain. This type of exercise is beneficial if the individual experiences problems with keeping attention on one thing for an expended period of time (ADD/ADHD like symptoms). Here is some research on the topic if you would like to read more.

Open Mindfulness (OM) Meditation
Open Mindfulness Meditation is done by relaxing and clearing one's mind of thoughts. During this relaxed state, the individual then monitors the thoughts that come into their mind and allows them to pass. The main point of this technique is to be aware of your thoughts but not to focus on them. this type of meditation helps to improve attention by allowing individuals to detect unexpected stimuli. This is beneficial to individuals who experience problems with simultaneous monitoring and disengaging their attention (OCD like symptoms).

So if you are interested in improving your attention or just looking for a new way to relax, try these meditation techniques. Similar research has been done with Yoga which has also been shown to have attention improving benefits.

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  1. This is amazing stuff man, definitely learned a lot from these techniques buddy, thanks for sharing mate. I could definitelydo with some increases in my attention haha!

  2. Anonymous | March 4, 2012 at 5:32 PM says:

    good psychology blog! i might try the OM some time!

  3. Thanks for sharing....I think I need the "focused attention" the most. Sometimes it is hard to not let your mind jump from one subject to another.

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