Classical Conditioning: Super Bowl 2012 Ads

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This post will be a continuation of my first post "Classical Conditioning in Marketing" which can be found here: Classical Conditioning in Marketing.

Classical Conditioning, this is often the first example of learning and Psychology many students run into.
For those who are not familiar with the idea of Classical Conditioning, here is a very brief summary. First we have an unconditioned stimulus, one that produces a response. We pair that unconditional stimulus with a Neutral stimulus, one that does not normally produce a response. After many pairings the Neutral stimulus is presented alone and may elicit the response that the unconditional stimulus produces. Once this occurs, the Neutral stimulus is now known as the Conditioned stimulus.

The use of Classical Conditioning in advertising and marketing may not be as obvious as the dog and food example, but the same principles apply. Advertisers will display their product (the Neutral stimulus) and will try to associate it with some sort of feeling or emotion (the unconditioned stimulus). I will be highlighting several examples of classical conditioning using the advertisements of the 2012 Super Bowl which aired recently.

Coca-Cola "Catch"
In this commercial we see the advertisers associating their product with feelings of joy, happiness, and refreshment. The upbeat and happy music also add to this feeling.

Budweiser "Prohibition"
The use of the unconditioned stimulus is more straightforward when compared to the previous example. Freedom of choice and celebration of good times are associated with this brand. It's such a good feeling that I actually considered going out and buying a pack after I saw this.

GoDaddy  .CO Domains
GoDaddy is notorious for using sexually suggestive themes in their advertisements. It is hard to make a good connection between domain names and beautiful women, but they seem to pull it off. Although most people realize that the advertisers are using the image of beautiful women to increase sales, many people still use their service. I would actually recommend them (I purchased this site from them) but this recommendation has nothing to do with these commercials. btw visibility of .co isn't very good, go with .com!

 Cadillac "Green Hell"
Advertisements of auto makers like to emphasize the power and performance of their vehicles. By showing clips of world-class drivers on actual racetracks gives the feeling that this car is the "real deal". These types of commercials are geared towards making you feel as if your current car is not providing an adequate driving experience.

There are many other commercials from the Super Bowl which I could use as examples but many of them use similar techniques to the ones described above.

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