Visual Agnosia is the inability to recognize visual stimuli. Visual Agnosia is not caused by damage to the sensory organs such as the eye, retina, or optic tract. Individuals who suffer from Visual Agnosia are able to see well but cannot perceive, or make sense of the information that they see. Visual Agnosia seems to occur when there is damage to visual processing areas of the brain such as the parietal lobe or occipital lobe. Agnosia means "loss of knowledge" in Greek, this is very fitting because it seems that patients who suffer from Agnosias lose their knowledge in a specific category.

In this video the participant has trouble identifying common objects shown to him.

There are many types of Visual Agnosias which include: Inability to recognize specific object categories (living things, people, fruits, vegetables, tools, electronics, etc.), Inability to recognize faces (Prosopagnosia), Inability to recognize color (Achromatopsia).

This information about Visual Agnosias provides a lot of information to Cognitive Psychologists. Loss of visual perception of specific categories shows us that there are specific brain regions related to processing of these categories.

Online Gaming, Griefing and Rage

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In the current age of online gaming it is a common occurrence to encounter a player who griefs or rages against their own teammates or the opposing team. Griefing refers to actions that are meant to deliberately cause annoyance. Rage or Raging refers to actions of a player that are caused by anger.  In this post I will be referring to griefing and raging against one's own teammates since it is much more interesting.

Common griefing and rage behaviors include:
-Performing actions to hinder the performance of one's own team. This includes behaviors such as intentionally dying or not participating in team-related events.
-Written or Verbal insults and Spamming.
-Reversing another players progress in ways that do not benefit the griefer.
-Rage Quit: Intentionally disconnecting from a match in order to not suffer a loss.

New Year

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Happy belated 2012 to you all. I was not able to post for over a month due to problems with my auto insurance and my student loans. I'll have some new posts ready soon, so be ready for them.