Long-Term Memory: Encoding (Cognitive Psychology)

psychpost | 10/27/2011 12:43:00 AM
 The purpose of this post will be to describe 3 different aspects of encoding that will help you with improving your encoding efficiency. 

Encoding includes the various processes in which information is transformed into a memory representation which can then be stored. 

Encoding is an automatic process that occurs as a by-product of giving attention to and processing a stimulus. Although Encoding is automatic there are many factors that can influence Encoding efficiency.

One way to improve the encoding process is to use Focused Attention rather than divided attention. For example, if you are presented with information that you may need to recall at a later time it's best if you try to minimize distractions.

Generation Effect: You are more likely to remember information that you retrieve or generate than information the you passively receive and try to memorize. This idea is the basis of the phrase: "You learn best by doing." This is why teachers assign problems and homework, the information is more likely to be remembered.

Spacing Effect: Encoding is more likely to be effective if there are rest periods in between processing a stimulus. For example, it is much more effective to go through an entire stack of flash cards many times rather than focus on memorizing one at a time. The reason this works is because when a stimulus is presented multiple times, it allows us to process it in different ways.
I hope this post helps you guys get some insight on improving your encoding of memory. My next post will likely be on the topic of Working Memory. I'll be able to get that one out as soon as I get a break from University classes, work, and studying.

Information adapted from source: "Cognitive Psychology" Smith, Kosslyn 2007
PHOTO CREDIT:  Scragz (Flickr)

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  1. As usual this is really interesting. I guess I should turn off that music when studying and actually do the homework for once.

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