Knowledge (Cognitive Psychology)

psychpost | 10/09/2011 04:20:00 AM
Knowledge affects our perception.
Knowledge: In Cognitive Psychology knowledge is commonly defined as information about the world that is stored in memory. Information can range from everyday experience to formal skills. Information in our knowledge is likely to be true, is coherent, and must have some justification.

Knowledge makes everyday life possible by: 

-Allowing most other mental processes to function competently. For example, knowledge allows us to focus our attention to objects or people that are important. 

-Allowing us to categorize things. Using these categories we are able to draw an inference about objects, namely that they have many similar features.

 -Allows us to perform appropriate actions. Knowledge allows us to perform actions that are not biological reflexes.

When studying Cognitive Psychology it is important to have an understanding of the basic cognitive functions. I will be writing posts outlining the most important aspects of each cognitive process.


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  2. This is all very interesting. It's good to see how thoughts connect and lead to actions eventually.

  3. It feels weird that I'm acquiring knowledge about knowledge.

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  5. I'm acquiring knowledge about D4's knowledge about knowledge.

  6. So interesting, I'm glad to have discovered your blog :] keep it up!

  7. All very true. Wait till you get further into it!

  8. Wow, I'm really interested in cognitive psychology. Can't wait for more articles.

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  10. Good blog!

  11. How does knowledge affect our perception?

  12. Appreciate you dropping that knowledge on us.

  13. So, anymore posts in the future?

  14. Well knowledge is power, it is how we progress as a human race and what separates up from the animals.

  15. Separates "us" from the animals, sorry for the typo.

  16. interesting stuff man :)

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  18. im a knowledge hungry guy, i try to absorb as much as i can

  19. Awesome psychology blog!

  20. So you do think we gain our knowledge by perceiving and understanding the real world? Or are we born with preconceived concepts that we overlay onto a mysterious imperceptible world?

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