Attention, How it Fails (Cognitive Psychology)

psychpost | 10/04/2011 05:16:00 PM

Attention is among the most important of our cognitive functions. Although it is not as heavily researched as perception is, attention affects almost all of the other cognitive functions.

Attention can be defined as "selecting some information for further processing and inhibiting other information from receiving further processing."

Failures of Selection:  We can fail to attend to information when there is a lot of information present and you are simply not capable of noticing at all at once. Failure can also occur when information arrives rapidly. 

These two upcoming videos demonstrate a failure of selection known as Change Blindness, failure to detect changes in the physical aspects of a scene. Enjoy!


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  1. I've seen these illusion videos before. It's fun to try to get your cognitive awareness up. Most people are so unaware of their surroundings.

  2. This is great, I love this kind of stuff, and yes people don't realise that they can be manipulated, or maybe already are.

  3. Ever since I saw these the first time, I've been wishing someone tested me at random. Just to how I'd react.

  4. Great post! Nothing better than psychology!

  5. The door video is great!

  6. This video is excellent. Always been a fan of your blog posts and you keep posting excellent content! Keep up the great work! Followed!

  7. Hmm, this is a good video buddy. Thanks for sharing this with us all, I genuinely learn from this.

  8. Oh wow. Actually explained really well. Great blog for psych noobs like me =]

  9. I have a short attention span but I'm not too bad at noticing things.

  10. There's a TV show called "People Do The Craziest Things" which is like a Candid Camera type show which did a similar thing but only played for laughs.

  11. I recall both of these from psych classes I took in high school. The door study is so cool.

  12. The second video totally got me. I missed the photographer even though he looks so obvious.

  13. i lold!

  14. I remember seeing an awareness video "]

  15. Nice illusion videos, I'll try this at home. :))

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