Perception (Cognitive Psychology)

psychpost | 9/29/2011 09:02:00 AM
Perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of our environment be organizing and interpreting sensory information.

Perceptions are not simply the passive receipt of sensory signals, but can be influenced by our knowledge, beliefs, expectations, goals, and past experiences. 

Necker Cube, Which way does the cube appear to face?

There are two types of processes that occur during perception of sensory information.

Bottom-Up Processes: Driven by the sensory information about the physical world. In the example of the cube above, bottom-up processes allow us to see that there are many connected lines on the computer screen.
Top-Down Processes: Actively seeks and extracts sensory information and are driven by our knowledge, beliefs, expectations, and goals. In the example of the cube, there is a top-down process occurring when we recognize the lines represent a cube.

See the 9 dolphins? Took me a while lol.
This image is a great example of top-down processing. It appears to be an image of a man passionately embracing a woman. If you were to show this image to younger children, they would say there are many dolphins swimming in the picture. This shows how our past experiences and knowledge affect how we perceive sensory information.
I'm almost done with my first week of university classes. I expect to be writing new cognitive psychology posts at least once a week or even bi-weekly.

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  1. I totally didn't see the dolphins lol!

  2. I still don't see the dolphins. I've seen other crazy things like this before too, where something is 3d but even when it's facing inwards, you see it as facing outwards, it was really trippy to see.

  3. .................dolphins?

  4. I've been searching for that dolphin picture for years. I was shown this a long, long time ago, back when all I could see was dolphins and nothing else made sense.

  5. This is really interesting. I struggle to see dolphins at all there but I bet it is all that children see when they look at that originally. It's amazing how our brains develop in that way from innocence to what we're all at now, it's pretty crazy to think about too often for me. Psychology can be so interesting sometimes, I'd love to study it.

  6. dolphins swimming???


  7. yeah, once i saw the boobs, the dolphins were nowhere to be found

  8. I remember when I found this optical illusion. I was a little kid, but even then I still didn't see the dolphins. I felt really 'naughty' for seeing such things.

    On the other hand with the cube, I have to focus on a side in order to really see it as 'facing' a certain way. otherwise, I just see a whole different mess of a cube reforming itself.

  9. It took me awhile to notice dolphins

  10. Dolphins? All I see is...Oh, there they are!

  11. I see 9 dolphins

  12. i see dolphins and sex at the same time!

  13. That last picture is crazy.

  14. this is so interesting. I never would have seen those dolphins without someone pointing it out. amazing.

  15. lol awesome stuff

  16. psychology Is a stunning exploring area!!! interesting blog...following!

  17. To taste the fruit of yon celestal tree.

  18. Sweet post man! I had to learn about this in my Animation class (:

  19. Ha, I remember them using this example back in my old psych textbook. :P

  20. oh...those dolphins!

  21. I love those. It's all in your mind lol

  22. There is a tail of a tenth one swimming out of the pic.

  23. i'm 26...and the first thing i saw were the dolphins, then it took me minute and I formed the people. Maybe it's because I was expecting dolphins from the title, though.

  24. I just showed it to my 4 year old daughter, she also saw a human, then I searched and saw in the shadows in the humans are the dolphins

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