Cognitive Psychology

psychpost | 9/24/2011 12:52:00 AM
Simple enough, right?
Today I begin a new school year and I begin my study of Cognitive Psychology. This looks like an enjoyable course and I am looking forward to it.

Cognitive Psychology is the study of mental processes.  Mental processes studied include (but are not limited to):  memory, decision making, perception, emotions, reasoning,  and problem solving.

Cognition in all these forms involves the interpretation or transformation of stored information, acquired through the senses, retained in memory whose implications and associations are derived and applied advantageously in the activities of daily living. 

Multi-colored brain, this is where your mind come from.
The need to study Cognitive Psychology comes from the need to answer a famous philosophical question: "How does the brain give rise to the mind?" and "Is the sum (the mind) greater than its parts (different regions of the brain)? "

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  1. sounds interesting! good luck

  2. Interesting. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  3. Cognitive psych is an interesting thing to study. Want to go into psych myself one day.

  4. You're gonna enjoy it. I'm a tiny bit jealous, even.

  5. I remember this from college.

  6. Great man. it realy helpd me

  7. :0

  8. That's a handy chart.

  9. Very interesting stuff. Good luck in the class.

  10. I loved my psychology class. I aced that shit. Best class I ever had. . . too bad that is not what I was going for. Just an elective.

  11. Very interesting stuff man :)

  12. GL with the rest of the year too!

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