Table Image (Poker)

psychpost | 7/07/2011 01:10:00 PM

Table image is the perception other players may form about another player. The most common table image labels are: loose, aggressive, passive, or tight. Other, more specific labels include: places too much value in hands, calling stations, weak, likeliness of 3bet or shove, plays only nuts.

A mistake people often make when "forming" a table image is that they begin "playing into" their image too quickly. Complaints of "I was playing so tight the whole night, how do you fucking call me?" often arise.

Also, when you have "formed" a table image, some players use their image and incorrectly target players. The more novice an opponent is, the less likely they are to notice your "image". The table image you perceive of yourself may not match the other player's image of you.

Once you have established you table image make sure that your plays still make sense. For example if you have a very tight/aggressive table image and you decide to mix up your gameplay with low suited-connectors, you should play the hand consistent with your image.

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  1. I've never played Poker before :(

  2. I'm usually loose.

  3. the mindgames of poker!

  4. I just can't get my poker face right :(

  5. I'm just too honest in poker, never works out positively

  6. Poker is a lot about self esteem and having guts.

  7. I haven't played it before either.

  8. I love poker. This game is my game

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  10. I was obsessed with texas hold em for a while. This is a good summery, I always used to form idea's about a player based on a few hands, but it most likely wasn't really how that person plays.

  11. I wish i was into it. But im never going to get into it though.

  12. all i do is win win win no matter what

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