The Walking Dead (Comic Series) Review

psychpost | 6/10/2011 12:41:00 AM

The Walking Dead (Comic Series)

What do all zombie-apocalypse films, shows, and comics all have in common? Action, suspense, gore, and drama are usual key components.

What sets The Walking Dead series apart from other zombie film/comics/shows is the psychology-heavy plot. Rather than focusing on the action and suspense of a zombie apocalypse, this series focuses on the interactions between zombie apocalypse survivors. This series outlines the changes in society that occur during a zombie apocalypse. Also the individual personalities of each survivor is a point of interest.

Social Aspects

Each different group in the series views the zombie apocalypse in a different light. The adults of the main group (normal middle class adults) view the zombie outbreak as the end of civilization. The children are not able to grow up in a normal environment and lose out on enjoying their "childhood". Meanwhile, prisoners view the zombie outbreak as freedom and they see their prison as a safe sanctuary.
Abnormal Aspects

Under the high amount of stress associated with the zombie outbreak many characters experience psychological disorders. I will not get into the details but these disorders range from Dissociative identity disorders to post traumatic stress disorders, and even to anti-social behavior.

Many times there is a discussion of Ethics and whether they still apply to a post-apocalyptic world. This aspect of the comic really questions the reader's beliefs.

Developmental Aspects

One of the main characters is a young boy going through the adolescent years of his life. Normally stories write about the transition from childhood into adulthood, but there are many complications due to living in a zombie infested world. The development if this character follows the expected Psychological growth of a child living in such a hostile environment.

Final Remarks

I highly recommend this comic series to any fan of the zombie genre. Even though I mainly outlined the most serious aspects of the series, there is a lot of action and gore for those who like that. The suspense of the story arcs draws me into the story and makes me want to keep reading. It is a light read and has a profound effect on how I view the zombie genre.

Other good Psychology-related media to check out:
-Fight Club (Dissociative identity disorder)
-American History X (prejudice, discrimination)
-Girl, Interrupted (Institutions, Abnormal Psychology)
-A Clockwork Orange (Aversion Therapy, Treatment)

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  1. loved the movies and series about zombies... so i might give a reading a try :)

  2. nah comics are not my thing

  3. I like new ways of looking at things.

  4. I wonder if AMC is going to continue this series...

  5. Oh, i thought it was that AMC show. The reviews before the TV show premiered was huge but after that kinda died down. So i'm betting that the comic version is a lot better.

  6. I loved this comic, the show didn't do it justice

  7. Love both comic and show. The show does let more room for characters and character development which I thought was a sudden turn of events but still pretty cool.

  8. At least they're not vampires.

  9. id love to take the time to read the comics

  10. the comics are really cool but the series is pretty meh..

  11. This kinda reminds me of this show on discovery channel where a group of survivors are observed as they are put into a post-apocalyptic environment.

  12. Everything about walking dead is awesome.

  13. awesome comics, i should start reading them again

  14. great comic - wasn't a huge fan of the AMC show though.

  15. I don't know how well a comic would get across the suspense like the series, but worth a look!

  16. The show surprisingly sticks close to the comics. Infact the comics gives you more indepth views on the characters. My wife is not a comic person, but read them just for that alone. Great point outs on the different aspects!!

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