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psychpost | 6/06/2011 03:33:00 AM

"1 in 25 teens addicted to internet, study finds"


Earlier today, I was browsing through some psychology-related articles and i found this interesting article. It also makes the claim that teens exhibit withdrawal-like behavior similar to drug-withdrawals : "when they weren't online were more likely to be depressed and aggressive and to use drugs than their peers."


Personally, I do not find this statistic shocking at all. Children are growing up in a world surrounded by electronics and access to the internet is possible from almost anywhere. Using the internet is an everyday occurrence for the younger generation and they do not know what life is like without it. I believe this will continue to become worse as the incentive to be online grows (social networking, online gaming, etc).

But I also believe there is also a benefit to being overexposed to technology. Children that grow up with so many technological innovations seem to be more tech-savvy. They have a much better understanding of utilizing their available resources than I did when I was their age (dial-up AOL modems).

What is your view on teen and pre-teen use of the internet?



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  1. Honestly, I find this just another case of the FDA trying to sell medication. You cannot become PHYSICALLY addicted to the internet. That's preposterous. However, you can become mentally addicted to anything. But kids don't need drugs to get them off of the internet. They just need structure in their lives.

  2. yeah, i can see where the premise comes from. i feel somewhat unproductive and sluggish when i do not have ready access to the internet/

  3. Interesting, I thought it would be more than 1 in 25, to be honest.

  4. The statistics on depression and drug abuse are interesting, but is this any different than the television and videogame "addiction" of previous generations?

  5. i am addicted.. and i admit

  6. your computer is just a bunch of metal without internet

  7. it's becoming more and more integrated into everthing... it's no surprise!

  8. Yeah, I thought 1 in 25 was a bit low too.

  9. Wow, I find it hard that not more people are addicted to internet usage/computer usage

  10. wow that is worrying :|

  11. I thought the statistic would be higher, honestly.
    I do think there are pros and cons to the internet being so readily available.
    Yes, it's easy to find information and learn new things, but I think teens are losing the joys of learning things for themselves. And reading books. Turning pages. Being engrossed in a good novel.
    Just my thought on the matter

  12. I think I have this.
    I guess if it means less actual drug addictions then it's not such a bad thing.

  13. the criteria for 'addiction' is based on if the teen reported:

    -ever had an "irresistible urge" to be online,
    -if they had experienced "a growing tension or anxiety that can be relieved only by using the Internet
    -or if they had tried to quit or cut down on using the Internet

  14. One in Twenty-Five Teens Addicted to Internet.... No *&#(& Sherlock. In other news, still no cure for cancer.

  15. I think it wouldn't hurt to be unplugged once in a while.

  16. Yes. It is very difficult to peel myself away from the keyboard, I agree. :D

  17. I disagree that kids these days have a better understanding of how to use their available resources, they have it all so easy now with the great broadband and phone packages, on the go internet and wifi. When I was a kid I had to make do with internet that ran at a snails pace even then, an internet that wasn't nearly as accessible and easy to use as it is now, and nowhere near as much on-the-go information as there is today.

  18. i think i'm definitely addicted

  19. >.> <.<

  20. very interesting i think im one of the 1/25

  21. There are good ways to use the internet.

  22. i think i might be addicted.. : ))

  23. i might be that 1/25

  24. sure looks like 1 in 2.

  25. I would say I'm addicted. But I manage perfectly without.
    Just when it's there. I'm using it. Even staring at the internets sometimes.

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