Construals and Naive Realism (Social Psychology)

psychpost | 6/28/2011 01:13:00 AM

I just started my summer classes at the university today and wanted to share a bit of information with you guys. I am taking a social psychology class and I find it very interesting.

: Term used to describe how an individual perceives, comprehends, and interprets their environment.

Naive Realism: In the context of construals, Naive realism is the belief that one's own construal is the correct perception.

These terms can be seen in the following example:

An individual who is a heavy drug user is told by their family that they need to seek drug rehab in order to quit their drug use.

The individual may perceive their family's suggestion as either:

1. Genuine concern, and be willing to undergo drug rehabilitation.

2. An attempt to control their life, and refuse to undergo drug rehab.

The true nature of the family member's request is not in question. All of the attention is focused on the individual who is perceiving the event.

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  1. really interesting, i guess there is no "true nature" to anything, it's all a matter of perception

  2. interesting how we look at things...

  3. nice post, keep it coming its interesting stuff!

  4. That is interesting stuff.

  5. Quite interesting, I'd like to hear more like this. Keep posting!

  6. Construal; fun word.

  7. Self-centered ppl :D

  8. Interesting. The drug abuser can't tell the difference. I'm sure that in many situations, "normal" or sane people wouldn't notice the difference either.

  9. That's cool!

  10. Haha, the human mind is very interesting. Understanding it, it's motivations and perceptions can give you a leg up in life, and help you manage relationships. Again, I love the focus of this blog. Follow +1

  11. I could understand admitting that you are wrong is a hard thing to play since it requires a lost of pride so people tend stick with it and stay ignorant.

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