Working Memory

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Working memory is a form of short term memory that is concerned with immediate processes. Psychologist George Miller argues that the capacity of working memory is 5-9 items (seven plus/minus two).

By tending to items that are in our working memory we can develop long term memories that can be recalled later.


Tips to improve memory

Lifestyle Changes
-Regular memory exercises
-Healthy eating
-Regular exercise
-Reducing Stress

Chunking Memory:
Although we can only hold about 5-9 items in our working memory, we can increase efficiency by storing larger (more info) items. For example: Take a (xxx)xxx-xxxx format phone number. By memorizing the area code as one item, the three digit portion as one item, and the four digit portion as one item we only use 3 items total.



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  1. 5-9 that seems a whole lot to me...

  2. thats the technique i use to remember phone numbers

  3. i think i have a decent memory :P I want to have photographic memory though, that would be awesome.

  4. i know that i have a huge problem with memory :/

  5. you are right + nice usefull tips, thanks i'll keep them in mind

  6. my memory sucks, i'd love to have more tips on how to improve it

  7. That's for the tip!

  8. that's useful. thanks. i'm terrible at memorizing stuff. :(

  9. Really nice post.

  10. intersting. what about those people that do memory competitions though? memorize a whole deck of cards in like 50 seconds..

  11. Yeah i do work everyday even if u do some your memory improves :)

  12. Good advice, I have a strong long term memory and short term memory.

  13. I'm sorry...what was this article about?

  14. I didn't know exercise can enhance your memory.

  15. This has always been a highly interesting subject to me. My friends and I would always joke about only being able 7 things at a given time and how that was going to negatively affect our exams.

    My focus has been an abnormal/social route in psychology. Especially, I have focused on the topic of cognitive dissonance which I find fascinating.

  16. 3 or 4 seems to be my limit sometimes!

  17. I remember taking little quizzes on this. It seems like I average out at 5-7 :\

  18. i remember learning a similar thing in psychology last semester. i am excited for when we hav the technology to use computers to expand our memories to near infinity!

  19. fantastic article. I've always had trouble with my... what was I talking about? Just kidding.

  20. interesting

  21. ~This is very nice. Ima use these tips on during the exams. thanks!

  22. Very good advice, my short term memory is terrible but my long term memory is excellent, need to work on that.

  23. good article, my memory is terrible, and i really like this picture, very nice

  24. exercise helps the memory? I'll have to try that out!

  25. And always remember: You are never forgetting, you just maybe lost the path to the location of the information in your memory. But there are ways to find it again and your subconscious mind always finds lost informations when it is only pointed to the right path.

  26. This is great!

  27. Ah interesting way to cheat the mind.

  28. Good refresh of my intro Psych class. The chucking you mentioned is a very good method of remembering information, I do it all the time with new phone numbers, when my phone is not near me.

  29. this would've probably helped me when I was in college..that was 3 years ago...nice timing..

    Like the blog=follow'd

  30. So what you're saying is that by memorizing in large chunks we can effectively increase our short term memory capacity? What about for someone who has a photographic memory?

  31. oh and healthy eating really helps >.<

  32. Good info. Thanks.

  33. still so cool!

  34. I could definitely use these techniques

  35. Good tips. Adderall really helps too ;)

  36. Great post! Keep up the good work.

  37. Very interesting read.

  38. My memory is horrible, thanks for the tip!

  39. This could really help thanks.

  40. I love psych related blogs, subscribing.

  41. interesting, Great tips!

  42. I need to reduce stress :(

  43. I'll give it a try. I hate my lacky memory -.-

  44. Sounds like some information I will have to remember. HAH.

  45. gonna have to try this out man!

  46. Thanks for the info man, i really need to cut down my stress!~

  47. Average 7 items You say? Gonna have to check it out. I'm affraid I suck at short term memory.

  48. i always assumed this was common sense.

  49. I use chunk technique alot

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