Observational Learning of Aggression

psychpost | 5/08/2011 10:19:00 AM

VIDEO: Bandura's Bobo Doll Experiment (A Study of Aggression)

What I found to be most interesting about this video is the fact that the children came up with their own ways of displaying aggression towards the doll. At first they began by imitating the model's behavior and over time their aggression became a thing of their own. What was also interesting is the fact that the children who were not exposed to aggressive models did not harm the doll at all. These old experiments are always great to look at because they are very insightful by revealing a lot about ourselves.

In classical conditioning an operant learning we have seen that behaviors are a function of stimuli. We have learned to do certain behaviors by the way we are rewarded or punished. In this experiment with the bobo doll there does not seem to be any rewards or punishments. What drives us learn behaviors that do not involve rewards or punishments?

I believe that modeling of aggression may be closely related with spanking children. One way is that children may learn through observation to physically punish another child if they are 'misbehaving'. Another way is that a child who sees another child getting spanked for misbehavior may learn through observation to not misbehave and avoid getting spanked.

One positive behavior I have learned through observation is driving and traffic laws. Although I have not actually driven a car for the first 16 years of my life I already had a good sense of what I was doing my first time. If we have never seen anyone driving a car before I guarantee you it would be difficult and confusing trying to drive one at first try.


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  1. You have to factor group think into this as well. Some people feel unconscious cues, like the driving thing.

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  6. I've learned about this experiment in a psychology course in high school.

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  11. Operant Conditioning, powerful stuff.

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  13. Experiments like these interest me

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  15. Very interesting experiment. What does this say about humans being inherently good/evil??

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  17. nice post, they always interest me. i tend to learn from others mistakes as stated in your post (as an example)

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  21. Very helpful... I am learning about this sort of stuff at medical school at the moment!

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  24. yeah, observation, one of our most primary abilities, humans have learned a lot just from observation

  25. Huh that's really interesting. Shows were a lot of my behaviors came from lol.

  26. Love reading about these types of experiments

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  28. Really? Because I still have a hard time grasping the concept of how to drive a car. and I have my license and everything....the mystery still alludes me...


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  32. Observation is king.

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  34. Good info to have in mind, i allways thought that phisical punishment was not the way.

  35. Mimic-recognition is well predefined in our genes and teeths and big eyes always been signs for agression.

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