Summer School Plans

psychpost | 5/24/2011 10:57:00 AM

Gonna be taking two classes at the University this summer.

MATH 20B. Calculus for Science and Engineering (4)
Integral calculus of one variable and its applications, with exponential, logarithmic, hyperbolic, and trigonometric functions. Methods of integration. Infinite series. Polar coordinates in the plane and complex exponentials.

PSYC 104. Introduction to Social Psychology (4)

An intensive introduction and survey of current knowledge in social psychology.


I'm looking forward to taking my Social Psychology course and I can't wait to write some posts about it. Social Psychology offers a bridge between two social sciences: psychology and sociology.

I'm a bit nervous about my math course because i'm a bit rusty on integral calculus. Wish me luck!



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  1. Good luck out there! Calc isn't so bad I had to take a lot of it for my CS major.

  2. I think it's really easy to increase Math, good luck anyway!

  3. 'Introduction to Social Psychology' - i've done a module similar to this before; i prefer the abnormal behaviour side of psychology to the social side ;P

  4. Good luck =)

  5. hopefully youre good at math, that calculus course wont be too bad if you are. i took it last semester. good luck man!

  6. good luck with your math class

  7. yea good luck :)

  8. Good luck with calculus

  9. good luck with it!

  10. Awww man I wish I could take classes over summer :( lol

  11. Is that what the University looks like? Very modern!

  12. Ugh, Calculus....

  13. i hate calculus, then again i hated trig

  14. Good luck!

  15. Good luck ^^

  16. I'm in almost the same situation like you :D
    Good Luck!

  17. Man i did summer school every summer in highschool, sucked so much but good luck bro.

  18. Stuff that, would have never been able to manage that haha. Terrible at math

  19. That psychology shit will bei nteresting I guess

  20. GL!

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  22. Nice! I think you will really enjoy social psychology. The study of human behavior is really interesting. That math course sounds fun. Is it a requirement for you?

  23. Whoa awesome! Good luck! And thank you for sharing, I absolutely love Psychology and if everything goes well i'll be at the uni this Sept.


  24. I wish you best that luck can get you!

  25. Lol, ur a real scientist, dude, nice :)

  26. for me was vacation, but good luck to you ;)

  27. Whoo. Sounds ridiculous... I wish you the best!

  28. sry for a bit off topic but im so totally building that thing in minecraft!

  29. lol that was a kool building and good luck on the courses

  30. good luck with math bro! math and engineering major here, hit me up if you ever need anyhelp :P

  31. That's a really strange building you have there.

  32. best of luck!

  33. do you really go to that bulding?

  34. yup, it's the library at my school

  35. thats cool man

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