Spring '11 Finished

psychpost | 5/19/2011 12:12:00 PM

Today I slept in until 12PM. I just finished my final exams yesterday and I am now on break. Time to just relax, play video games, exercise, and be lazy. I'll be having more free time to write blog posts so look forward to those.

>Also, loving the internet here at the university:


PHOTO CREDIT: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spigoo/

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  1. congrats on exams! and what a cute puppy my cat would like to play with him :>

  2. congratulations and good luck with your life!

  3. Is that a Maltese? It's adorable.

  4. Haha that dog looks like he just finished his finals.. passing the eff out

  5. Cheers to being lazy after finals :P

  6. Awww I have a Maltese too!

  7. It sucks at first though. You are going to be in the I get up and do things mode, but you will have nothing to do.

  8. good job with exams, relax!

  9. cognrats man same here! so glad its summer!

  10. Exercise and be lazy?

  11. I'm so jealous right now.

  12. Sounds like my life. Well except the "1st day off" xD

  13. summer time, and the living's easy

  14. Nice internet speed.

  15. just finished myself, and i feel just like that dog! =]

  16. I am jealous of your Uni's speed.

  17. woohoo

  18. sweet i can't wait to I'm done :)

  19. My internet speed is a tenth of yours! Woh seriously cool

  20. I can't stop staring at your speedtest..... I am so jelly of you, it's uncool.... ¬_¬

  21. speedtest=insane.....

  22. that speed is insane!

  23. That internet speed, man. Really makes me dislike comcast 10x more.

  24. I wanna rub my face on that dog. xD

  25. Congratulations, I still have a month before my break. And still I'll have to do some Summer practicing.

  26. having the same lifestyle at the moment :D


  28. your dog looks exactly like mine

  29. Great post, Followed!

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  31. wow nice speed man

  32. wow lol :p

  33. I like this foto, she is cute :)

  34. YAY summer :) cute dog by the way.

  35. damn that dog sure is loving the tartan there. tartan life.

  36. Hey man, congrats on finishing. Will look forward to more interesting posts.

  37. Grats! and that upload is rediculous!

  38. Hope you did good on your exams!

  39. What a cute dog man ~

  40. I'm so jealous of your speed.

  41. that's some sick bandwidth

  42. yay for free time!

  43. Might I recommend my ''Game Overies'' blog during your break for the latest in time wasting madness?

  44. Congratulations! and you're dog is so cute ;)

  45. So jelly of that internet.
    And even more jelly of your break ! Still another 3 and a bit weeks left for me :(

    Also, really nice looking blog here : )

  46. That's one contented dog!

  47. My God... That Speedtest score is incredible!!!

  48. Crazy internet speed!

  49. Oh my god. My jaw dropped when I saw that speed test. Fantastic.

  50. Grats! I love the day after you finish work. It's the best. You get to sleep in and be lazy all day =D

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