Familiarize With Stress

psychpost | 4/21/2011 03:18:00 AM

To have a discussion about stress we must first define it. To experience stress normally means experiencing events that are perceived as harmful.

Physiologically speaking, stress initiates the flight-or-fight response. This response is the cause for most of the symptoms of stress (increased heart rate, blood pressure, upset stomach, etc). An individual who is constantly stressed may develop heart problems, sleeping disorders, and suppressed immune system.

Being able to identify these symptoms of stress will better allow us to handle stress. Once we feel the onset of stress we should try to follow a relaxation technique. Common techniques are: deep breathing, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation. If you don't know how to calm yourself down learn one of these methods! Although you may not be able to calm down when using these methods, keep trying! Also if you have supportive people close by, you could go to them for help.

Understanding stress can be a great benefit to us psychologically. While an individual is under the effects of stress they are more prone to have poor psychological health. We need to understand that it is normal to feel stressed.


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  1. Calming down when you are stressed is always hard. I use to find cigs helpful, but now i quit definetly stepping outside and a couple of deep breaths help. Stressing at night tho is aways painful, because then you stress that your not sleeping!!

  2. Whenever I get stressed out I sort of meditate and focus on my breathing so I can relax. Btw thanks for giving me the heads up about capacha I fixed it.

  3. ive learned how to breath a lot better , when im feeling stressed.

    Helps me out A LOT

  4. to calm down, i just exercise alot

  5. Yeah I have been getting stressed at college a lot. I am learning how to control it better. Following

  6. Exercise has been the biggest helper for me to relieve stress.

  7. good stuff man, usually when I'm stressed I start being awesome and the stress goes away :P

  8. im intrested in psychology

  9. Truly enlightening. followed!

  10. well put, I've been under alot of stress myself recently.. looking for work, going to school... trying to hang on to the girl I love dearly.

  11. Nice post

    Following :)

  12. good shit

  13. Music usually helps me with stress.

  14. I hate stress, it's very distracting

  15. nice!

  16. Very insightful. Thanks for the good read.

  17. I stress way too much...

  18. Found the best way to reduce stress for myself is to read. Focus on the fictional problems and get my mind off my own.

  19. i need to start medatating

  20. It's not easy to deal with stress! Following and supporting. alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  21. I like to take a walk and get a chance to think clearly when im stressed. it helps alot

  22. Stress is a requirement of life.

  23. I always think of myself as immune to stress, as I very seldom feel stressed. Maybe I'm stressed almost all the time and sometimes near a breakdown? U cant tell :|

  24. I play video games unless of course they are causing my stress hahahaaha

  25. Breathing TOTALLY helps when I'm under stress. That and music. It calms me down a ton.

  26. yeah idk i live a pretty stressless life, although i probaly just ignore it. yay ganja!

  27. Stress sucks. My fav technique to unwind is to browse the net for new shit

  28. im stressed all day because im kinda paranoid... but thats because i got beat up lately

  29. Nice blog man, will follow

  30. When I want to relieve a lot of stress I masturbate. It works wonders when I have had a ling day at school.

  31. I do have problems with stress at times....

  32. Chugging Red Bulls usually elevate my stress levels and supplement it with ENERGY!! It keeps me away from stressful times, but I know it's not healthy. Your blogs give a real sense to the word stress relief.

  33. does cigarette smoking really reduce your stress? (on the short term of course)

  34. Stress is a big problem!

  35. Great post! Stress is a massive problem!!

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