Isolation and Loneliness in Modern Society

psychpost | 4/22/2011 08:40:00 PM

As the famous saying goes, "Humans are social beings" we humans can't help but to spend our time with others.

Human need for socialization is often attributed to prehistoric times. Humans needed to form groups in order to survive or they will become victims of harsh environment, predators, lack of shelter, lack of food. Those individuals who did not join groups would probably die. Membership in a group also allowed the individuals to procreate and pass on genes to the next generation.

In our modern society these threats to life no longer exist. We live in a relatively peaceful society and we are no longer victims of our environment(literally!). People can live in their homes and have no contact with other individuals for weeks and months on end. The actual need for developing strong social networks is continuing to decrease as time goes on.

Living in cities with a high population way cause an individual to experience a higher number of social interactions. But these increased amounts often do not contain any quality contact.

A possible outcome of modern society might be trouble forming a strong social network. Individuals may have difficulty relating with others. Isolation and loneliness may become more prevalent.



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  1. i've felt that, growing up in a small town helps, less people, but better contact and interactions

  2. Loneliness is a killer. I like the photo.

  3. Couldn't agree more with your train of thought on this topic. Today everyone is more connected to their social media than to their real life friends and thats a shame.

  4. I think most people have a "group" of friends, even if its 1-3 people. Some people don't need much to get along. Advances in technology has allowed people to expand to new parts of the world or meet new people without leaving the house.

  5. interesting stuff to think about.

  6. Loneliness is not always bad.

  7. This is great!

  8. I think the internet and things like Facebook are going to begin the distort the human need for social interaction.

  9. Great read.
    I can understand the idea that as we have less of a reason to interact with each other that loneliness may increase, but I think while technology is not a 100% replacement for interaction with each other, it helps fill that void that is created.

    Following :D

  10. We may not need to rely on groups anymore, but people who succeed are the ones who put themselves out there. How many successful people do you know only work with themselves and never rely on others?

  11. This post wasnt' meant to be directed at successful/unsuccessful people. In general, individuals will begin to lose these skills is what i'm saying.

  12. your blog would fit perfectly on my blog lol :) awesome

  13. i'm isolated a lot

  14. thats so damn desperate T_T

  15. yOUR bLOG IS the best, Great

  16. Isolation is certainly more prevalent in modern society, but at the same time, while we are isolated we also have tools such as facebook and blogger to keep us from feeling too lonely.

  17. I've never felt lonely, though when I was younger, I was acutely aware of the idea that people might wonder about me if I ever was just sitting alone.

  18. ha, interesting

  19. nice blog, following! :D

  20. I disagree. We still form groups, even if we aren't in proximity to each other. Probably more so than in the past. Look at WoW guilds, popular forums, Facebook groups, etc.

  21. Awesome read bro

  22. I agree with most of this

  23. Very interesting. Nice blog man!

  24. As I'm reading this I realize I've been sitting in my room all day with only a few words exchanged between my mother and I. Oh gosh. I need to get out more.

  25. I feel like you still make survival bonds, just in a different context.

    At work, I have a partner who I do all my work with. We're constantly stressed to produce work, and that has made us extremely close because we rely on one another to get the job done.

    Awesome post!~

  26. Very interesting read,thanks.

  27. Lol we always tell my friend that he iscolates himself from society.

  28. Not that I disagree with your post, but I believe that Social devices through the internet and such can actually help strengthen relationships that might not have survived otherwise. But thats just the one inkling of a silver lining to a giant shitstorm cloud.

  29. Well spoken, you are very insightful

    also nice picture

  30. Isolation and such is becoming more prelevant probably due to the reasons you listed, but I don't think it's a good thing. We still need to be social creatures in order to mate and therefore continue our species chain.

  31. interesting read and i totally agree. i am noticiing similar trends and its only a matter of time before it gets worse

  32. Perfect for me to read this evening. Feeling rather forever alone :(. It's strange, I have a girlfriend and everything and still I feel a deep sense of loneliness. Hmm.

  33. do you think that the breakdown in the fabric of the social network (offline) has occured by sheer neglect or by purposeful design?

  34. The question isn't if this is a problem, it's how do we fix this problem.

  35. Very interesting post. Thanks!

  36. I agree with you. Good blog btw : )

  37. i enjoy reading your blog

  38. It seems a lot of people push others away for the sake of space, but then they get the adverse affect of having no social connections.

  39. i believe it is due to neglect. doing everything from our homes is just so damn convenient!

  40. i feel like to succeed in this life you need strong social ties, that is the only reason i have the job i have now.

  41. interesting read, thanks

  42. i've actually just discussed this with someone. people used to gain more reinforcement if they were part of a group. to prevent themselves from being cast out of the group (and thus lose access to a lot of reinforcers)they followed the moral/legal codes. it was a reciprocal relationship. i still think we need others for reinforcement but social media is making all of this very interesting from a psychological perspective.

    great blog by the way!

  43. Just look at Japanese. Every year number of hikikomoris increases. Probably this is just the beginning of our social troubles.

  44. well that happens to me depending on my mood to be honest

  45. We have become desensitized pretty much. It is harder to care about other people's feelings when there are so many people. This post is making me think about how I treat people sometimes. Great blog!

  46. i need to get out more

  47. One could say that its as if we are all separated in our own bubbles of goo that nurture us just enough to let us be useful to the machines we work on...

    Why is that so familiar?

  48. human interaction is essential. Just look at all those inmates that go crazy in solitary confinement.

  49. Isnt the internet a good replacement? I interact with ninety percent of my friends online.

  50. very interesting, am studying dsm v1 know, keep it up

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