4/20 Post! (Awareness of self)

psychpost | 4/19/2011 09:29:00 AM

Although there are no proven uses for medicinal cannabis besides pain relief, I believe there is some psychological benefit.

Partaking in cannabis often gives the individual a better ability of introspection (to recognize one's own thoughts, desires, feelings, etc). It is essential for us to become intimate with our thoughts because many of our actions are derived from our thoughts. Also, cannabis may act as a slight dissociative (producing an experience where the user feels detached from their own self or environment). This detachment can help the individual to notice and admit faults about themselves that they cannot normally admit.

So next time you are on your 'high' try a little exercise in communicating with your self. Knowing your thoughts can be very beneficial.

Disclaimer: I do not condone the use of any illegal substances, do so at risk to your own health. Also, I am not a doctor, do not take my opinions as medical fact!


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  1. Nice!! I believe it has a psychological benefit too.

  2. I love this post. I get 1000% introspective under bud, the car drives get pretty nuts.

  3. Drugs.. mmmm

  4. Ceebs weed these days. Got over it a couple of years ago. Good for lots of people, no good for others. Cant see why its so illegal in most places.

  5. very interesting.

  6. it has to help

  7. I have never tried weed, but Im not really against medical use of it either.

  8. The only problem would be the risk of addiction. It is much less addictive than other illegal drugs but still has potential to be.

  9. never tried :)

  10. mmmmm luv me some nug. nice post :D

  11. Soemthing to seriously think about.

  12. Why I love Psychology, it can involve and (through some interesting findings) can eventually help people. Nice post.

  13. agreed with the post. i'm very grateful that i had a chance to know cannabis. some time has passed since i used it a lot, but still even these days i occasionally smoke a joint. it really helped me to figure a few things about myself and to get another view point on the world (it's a crazy hole if you ask me). following, keep it up!

  14. hard to say, it may have a negative effect as well

  15. depends on the user, if you're in a bad mood and get high, you're probably going to have a bad experience, but if you're open minded and willing to give it a go, it can be great

    never pressure anyone into anything though

  16. Not a user but it's interesting that you feel it has psychological benefits when there's been a proven correlation (not link!) between developing schizophrenia and smoking the dank.
    Personally, I think you can make a correlation between anything and anything so how much merit that statement holds is anyones guess.

    I think someone made a graph that showed that as the number of pirates has fallen over history, homosexuality has increased. Doesn't mean there's any link but the correlations there lol

    Regardless, a nice post and a great blog.

    Following :)

  17. Awesome blog man! Keep up the great work!

  18. This could be a good way to think out-loud :p

  19. 420 is my favorite day!

  20. as noted by some posters please be safe if you decide to use these substances.

    also alternative non-smoking methods (vapor, concentrates, food) will greatly reduce health risks associated with smoking.

  21. oh man, i love blogs like this

    keep it up


  22. 420!

  23. This is very true; I tend to unknowingly do this to myself when I use.

  24. Well, happy 4/20! (belated)

  25. A suitable write up for such a date. As a smoker, I tip my hat to this informed post. Thanks :]

  26. so much delicious green e__e

  27. Meh don't smoke. I can have "meaningful" conversations with myself at anytime

  28. Don't smoke but I do find this stuff interesting.

  29. mm that pot looks delicious.

  30. i personally think medical marijuana is great and that pot should be legalized.

  31. back in they day i was really big into pot and what not it helped with my pain and as funny as it sounds made me a better student. but it made me lazy. so i stoped but i still think they should make it legal

  32. that's what i do everytime :D

  33. personally, i think it should be legalized, jsut so people will stop bitching about people using it, but i dont because that isnt something i want the govt regulating, taxing $8.50 for a dime bag

  34. It helps a great deal with insomnia and anxiety, which crippled me for years.

  35. Great article bro but one thing is that they have had shown to help improve health in many people other then that great post.

  36. Cool stuff.

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